Why HashEx is the most trusted intelligence provider in DeFi?

HashEx is one of the most impactful tech advisories in the DeFi industry,they focused on blockchain integration solutions and cyber security. They provide blockchain business consulting, smart contract development services, as well as smart contract security audits. HashEx has conducted audits on over 700 smart contracts.

Smart contracts auditing is becoming even more important with the advent of decentralized finance. This is where companies like HashEx enter the picture. HashEx has provided smart contracts auditing for over 700 projects to date and the company helps secure DeFi protocols. The vulnerabilities the company has found in smart contracts have saved projects more than $2 billion.

HashEx is not just an auditor, but the most trusted intelligence provider in DeFi.

  • How HashEx Mitigate Risk in DEFI

In the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, security has always been one of the top priorities. And it’s no wonder — everyone wants to be sure that their personal data, as well as funds, won’t be stolen.

However,there are enough vulnerabilities to be detected in the existing DeFi projects. HashEx want to help you prevent those and tell how to improve DeFi protocol security.


I heard that some cool projects do audits several times because one time audit may not find all of the vulnerabilities. That’s why projects with several audits cause more trust, Audit helps to detect uneven and unexpected vulnerabilities of smart contracts before project deployment and therefore, prevent DeFi hacking. That’s what HashEx does with ease


Hiring a team of experienced blockchain developers with accurate knowledge of DeFi project vulnerabilities and specifications is highly required.

HashEx skilled and Experienced Developer will be able to check your project from variable angles including security audit services which will surely protect your DeFi project from hacking.

3. Performing a full unit test to detect the functionality problem in separate parts of the contract and eliminate them at the very beginning.


In the ever-changing world of DeFi, Smart contract auditing is the key to project success, and HashEx helped many project achieve it.

They hope that more projects will prioritize security in the future and take proper care of their smart contracts, protocols, and most importantly, users. HashEx really love to build a highly secure DeFi future together, and it’d be fantastic if you joined us on this journey.

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Serial Investor/Certified Biochemist/Blockchain Enthusiast/Content Creator/Crypto Evangelist/ Ambassador @conservation @cryptExlocker

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Amusat Sodiq

Amusat Sodiq

Serial Investor/Certified Biochemist/Blockchain Enthusiast/Content Creator/Crypto Evangelist/ Ambassador @conservation @cryptExlocker

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